What if I remarry after my divorce?

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After your divorce, you thought you would never find love again. But you were wrong, weren’t you? You found the perfect soul mate and you plan to marry as soon as possible. But does this new life event change your divorce agreement? If it does, how?

Chances are when you got divorced, your agreement probably took into account of the possibility of you marrying again. So if you do get remarried, you may see a change in your settlement. For example, your ex-spouse is paying you alimony as well as child custody. But, according to the divorce agreement, if you decide to remarry, alimony payments will come to an end. There may be some rare exceptions to the rule, but generally alimony does end when the one receiving payments remarries.

Remarriage can affect more than just alimony payments. In some case, it can also affect custody. Let’s say your new spouse has become abusive and has begun hitting your child. The courts will change custody to your ex-spouse in order to protect the child from such abuse.

Also keep in mind that some states have you waiting months after your divorce is finalized to get remarried. However, here in New Jersey, there is no such restriction. You can get remarried as soon as the ink dries on your divorce settlement.

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