Who is Responsible for My Single Vehicle Accident?

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single-vehicle-accident-anthony-carboneWhile driving down the street one day, you are cut off by a bicyclist. As you try to avoid hitting the person, you swerve and lose control of the vehicle, hitting a telephone pole. You injured your head in the crash and your car is now totaled. Since you’re the only vehicle involved in the accident, all the expenses will be coming out of your pocket, right?

Not necessarily. Many have the assumption that all the responsibility rests on the driver after a single vehicle accident. But it reality, there could be many responsible parties for your auto accident. This is the reason why you want to speak to an experienced car accident lawyer like Anthony Carbone to investigate the accident. For instance, in the scenario above, did you know that the driver could have sued the bicyclist for the reason behind the accident? Sure the driver lost control of the car, but that doesn’t mean the blame rests solely on the driver’s shoulders.

In fact, there could be a number of parties liable for your auto accident, such as:

  • The vehicle manufacturer – Many accidents, especially single vehicle crashes, are the direct result of a defect in the vehicle. Although every day we hear more and more about car recalls, sometimes these defects are not even noticed for months, even years.
  • Road design and maintenance – Some single vehicle accidents are the direct result of poor road design or the neglect of regular maintenance. Some examples of this include malfunctioning traffic lights, lack of signage, faded lane markings, or poor road surface.
  • Other people on the road – Maybe you were swerving to miss a pedestrian and hit a tree instead. Or you were avoiding hitting a car who stopped short for no reason in front of you and hit the guardrail. If these scenarios sound familiar, this means that someone’s negligence is responsible for your accident.

As you can see, there are many responsible parties who could be the cause of your single vehicle accident. But in order to get proper compensation, you need to speak to a lawyer. If you’ve been involved in a single vehicle accident, contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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