Slip and Fall Series: Who is Responsible for an Accident on Government Property?

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slip and fall on government property anthony carboneWe’ve already discussed who is responsible for a slip and fall accident on private property, such as a neighbor’s home or an apartment complex. We’ve also touched on what happens when you slip and fall at a store. But what about a slip and fall on government property? Who is the responsible party in that case?

Here’s a scenario for you: It was raining the day before and became cold at night, creating an icy situation in the morning. The sidewalks are rather slippery and you take your time walking to the post office. As you walk up the stairs with a package in your hands, your foot slips on a patch of ice. You fall down the stairs, breaking a hip. Who’s responsible?

Now if this was on private property, you can easily point the finger at the property owner who failed to put down ice melt before visitors could come over. But the post office is considered property of the government. So, since your accident happened on government-owned property, then the government is responsible.

Yes, it is possible to sue if you slip and fall on government property. However, unlike a claim against a property owner, there are certain steps you have to take in order to submit the claim successfully. First you have to submit a formal notice to the government agency responsible for the building. You must prove that the government is responsible for your injuries or else you can expect your claim to go nowhere. You also have a specific time limit to submit your claim — 90 days after the accident.

If you slip and fall on government property, your first steps should be obtaining a personal injury lawyer experienced in handling slip and fall cases against the government. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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