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expert-opinion-law-offices-of-anthony-carboneObviously, when you retain an attorney for legal advice, you are hiring them for their experience with working with clients in similar situations to yours.  Nevertheless, your attorney may need the help of other professionals to render expert opinions concerning your lawsuit.   Learn how the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone uses experts to prove injuries, damages and causation.

Engineering Experts

If you have been injured on a machine at work or somewhere else, our office will often employ the services of an engineering expert.  This type of expert will offer an opinion concerning the mechanics of the machine and whether it was within acceptable guidelines.  Engineering experts often offer their opinions in construction accidents.  Their testimony offers credibility to your claim.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

The circumstances of an accident are not always obvious.  In one case, we enlisted the assistance of a motorcycle expert to review the circumstances of an incident that occurred on a curvy road.  The expert witness actually took the motorcycle around the turns in the road at various speeds to pinpoint how the accident might have happened.

Medical Experts

As personal injury attorneys, we have learned a great deal about what ails our clients.  This does not mean that we are qualified to offer medical opinions.  A medical expert may be the person who treats you for your injuries.  It may also be the physician who renders an opinion concerning the extent of permanent damage you have experienced as the result of an accident. A medical expert may also review the probability that you will continue to need further treatment in the future.

Economic Experts/Forensic Accountants

Economic experts are not just used in personal injury matters.  Although they may estimate economic losses due to accident cases, they are also valuable in other types of cases.  For example, our office sometimes uses economic experts and forensic accountants in our family law practice.  They hare skilled in business valuation and asset distribution.

Employability Experts

Some workers’ compensation cases merit the use of employability experts.  If an employer has deemed that a severely injured worker is capable of returning to work, our office may retain the services of an employability expert.  This individual will run the claimant through a battery of tests to determine if a return to employment is feasible.  Employability experts can also be used in family law cases, where one party has never worked or is underemployed.


Who Pays for Experts and how are they Retained?

Many law firms do not have the funds to retain experts on their client’s behalf.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we recognize that our clients are already suffering economic losses.  In most cases, we will expend the necessary fees, with an expectation for reimbursement at the end of the case.  We also network with other attorneys to retain the most suitable experts to your matter.  The listings above are just a sampling of the types of experts we have used in our practice.  When necessary, we employ the services of other experts.

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