Sometimes a Wrong Turn Can Become Traffic Violation

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traffic-violation-and-wrong-turnIn some instances, a wrong turn can cause you to stray from your intended destination.  In other circumstances, wrong turns can become illegal ones.  Illegal turns can equate to a traffic violation.  Wrong turns and traffic tickets can be an expensive proposition.


It may have started as a misunderstanding of the instructions ordered by the automated voice on the GPS.  On the other hand, you may decide that traffic is congested and wish to choose an alternative route.  There are an assortment of reasons that might make you think a U-turn is suitable to your driving experience.  Make sure you understand when that U-turn is illegal.

Obviously, U-turns are illegal when there is a sign clearly posted that prohibits them.  New Jersey prides itself on well-placed jug handles throughout the state.  They allow you to make a right turn to cross back in the other direction.  They make U-turns easier.

Do you know when else a U-turn is illegal?  Take a look at your surroundings.  If the view is obstructed within 500 feet of your intended U-turn and you still make it, prepare for a traffic ticket.  It is illegal to make a U-turn under these conditions.  Similarly, refrain from crossing double yellow lines when making a U-turn.

Right Turn on Red

Do not make aimless right turns on red.  Although it may seem appropriate to glide through the red light when no one else is in sight, restrain yourself.  First, check to see if the intersection has a sign prohibiting right turns on red.  Next, stop your car. Hit the brakes. Even if right turns on red are permitted, it is a traffic violation for failing to stop before passing through the red light.

Left Hand Turns

If the intersection features a left turn signal, make sure to abide by it.  Some lights go from green to amber to red.  Even if your pathway appears clear, turning through the red is a traffic violation.

Take particular care when making a left turn.  With the exception of intersections controlled by left turn signals, the vehicle going straight has the right of way.  Take your time and avoid harm to you and your vehicle.

What to Do if You Get a Traffic Ticket

If you receive a traffic violation for any type of illegal turn, it is important to seek competent legal advice.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has handled these types of cases for many years in several New Jersey municipal courtsContact us to understand your legal rights and defenses.

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