Is Technology Actually Preventing Auto Accidents?

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technology and auto accidents anthony carboneTechnology is everywhere.  And, it has certainly infiltrated the car industry.  But is it preventing auto accidents? Or is it subject to the usual problems of any gadget — potential failure? Let’s take a look.

We recently heard of an interesting case involving a gentleman named Richard.  He was driving a high end SUV, equipped with blind spot detectors.  When another vehicle travelling along either side, his side view mirror flashes an amber light.

Richard was on the New Jersey Turnpike and figured it was safe to change lanes.  His car was new and regularly maintained.  He had no reason to take the extra step to check out the blind stop in the old traditional manner.  Guess what.

There was a car directly in Richard’s path.  Fortunately, the other vehicle moved quickly and veered to the shoulder.  It was the only reason an accident was avoided.  So much for relying on technology.   What other gadgets are raising causes for concern?

Gadgets and Car Crashes

We’ll go through a list of some gadgets that are designed to help drivers.  The question is whether technology is actually preventing auto accidents.

First off, let’s start with GPS devices.  Their formal name is Global Positioning Systems.  Some drivers have them installed in their cars.  Others use portable versions.  Some vehicle operators will use a map guide from their cellular provider.  Like the rest of technology, there are prospective flaws.

For one, gadgets represent distraction and frustration.  And, believe it or not, they can be temperamental.  Weather can make them act up.  Prevent accidents?  Sadly, the GPS may contribute to them.

On to more technology.  What about air bags?  A government website reports that changes to air bag mechanisms have saved a great number of lives.  Of course, it is important that they are used in conjunction with seatbelts.

What do you think about hands-free technology?  Is it preventing accidents?  Suffice it to say that just because you aren’t holding your phone, you are still at risk.  The National Safety Council reports that even hands-free devices are a big distraction.

Tempted to ignore buckling up?  If you like listening to radio, you have a problem.  Some cars won’t allow you to tune in until you’ve placed your seat belt on.  Maybe this won’t stop an accident.  However, it will help lessen your injuries.

We’ve already written about Ignition Interlock Devices.  They are most often installed as a result of a judge’s order after a drunk driving conviction.  They check to make sure that a person is not getting behind the wheel in an intoxicated state.

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