Thanksgiving Celebrations and the Fear of Domestic Violence

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Domestic ViolenceIt was a day that would be forever etched in her mind. As the young mother struggled to put the Thanksgiving meal together, she could hear the screams from the other room. Apparently, her husband had now unleashed his anger on their adolescent daughter. He returned to the kitchen and punched a hole in the kitchen wall. As her husband shouted that the fist was intended for the woman’s face, she wondered. Was she a victim of domestic violence?  Did the fact that she remained untouched matter?

Within minutes, the police arrived at the family home. The mother panicked and wondered how she would explain the circumstances to the guests due to arrive at their home in just a few hours. Although tears welled in the woman’s eyes, the reality of the situation did not dawn on her. Ultimately, she would not need to make excuses about the damaged wall.  Mother and children watched as the police carted the man off to jail.

This scene is a reality for many American families during Thanksgiving celebrations. Notably, an act of domestic violence does not necessarily involve physical contact. That said, it may seem like an all too frequent occurrence for those hoping to spend the day expressing gratitude.

Last year, a number of families suffered major losses as a result of domestic violence. One Virginia community cited eight fatalities from three separate disputes  – all related to family members killed during Thanksgiving weekend. Meanwhile, updated new reports indicate a suspended New Jersey police officer was indicted for an altercation with his now estranged wife.  The incident happened last Thanksgiving.

Domestic Violence Complaints During the Holidays

The statistics might surprise you. The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence claims there is no truth to assertions that domestic violence increases between the week before Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Allegedly, calls do not spike during this time period.

That said, common sense seems to suggest otherwise. The holidays call for enormous stress, including the need to find time to prepare and money to afford hosting guests. Alcohol is often associated with many celebrations – releasing inhibitions and putting some in out of control situations.

Of course, there’s an additional component that may contribute to a higher incidence of domestic violence during Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow. Families spend more time together as they take off time from work and school. The increased contact may lead to dangerous situations.

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