The value of a defensive driving course

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defensive driving course anthony carbone What is the value of a defensive driving course?  Although some of our clients are court-ordered to take defensive driving courses, others wonder if it is an important consideration.  After all, other motor vehicle operators cannot be expected to pay attention and follow the law.  A motor vehicle is a mighty weapon and defensive driving courses are designed to promote safety.

Designated Defensive Driving Course Providers

The State of New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission maintains a list of approved defensive driving course providers.  Choose from this list of schools to ensure you get the most benefit from attending defensive driving classes.  Some of the perks associated with achieving a certificate from one of these providers includes:

  • Reduction in automobile insurance premiums. Many insurance carriers offer credits or reduced rates to those who have completed accredited defensive driving courses.
  • For those who have accumulated motor vehicle points, two points can be removed after successful completion of an approved defensive driving class.

What is taught in Defensive Driving?

There is a well-known sports adage that the best defense is a good offense.  What does that mean exactly as it applies to avoiding motor vehicle accidents? Defensive driving involves responding to other driver’s actions.  When you are on the offense, you have prepared ahead and have a better chance of reacting properly.  Some of the skills taught in defensive driving classes include:

  • Teaching students the importance of using good judgment in operating their vehicles
  • Discussing how to avoid a motor vehicle accident
  • Providing safety information concerning the use of seatbelts or car seats or other safety equipment
  • Delivering insight into the perils of following too closely
  • Considering the impact of speed and failure to pay attention as components of motor vehicle accidents
  • Emphasizing crash prevention techniques

Do Defensive Driving Classes Impact Accident Rates?

As a law firm with significant experience in personal injury accidents, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone  represents a great number of individuals involved in accidents that could have been avoided.  Just because motor vehicle operators have been awarded licenses, it does not mean that they follow appropriate laws. There will always be that individual who gets behind the wheel and drives distracted by sending text messages.  In addition, some drivers coast through stop signs or race off to parts unknown.  We strongly recommend defensive driving courses.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a great many people may be involved in two or three accidents in their lifetime.  There is some evidence that this number lessens with increased education.   Although these tips are intended for older drivers, you might benefit from reviewing them.

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Even if you have attended a defensive driving class, you may become involved in a motor vehicle accident and sustain personal injury.  If so, you need legal advice to consider your legal alternatives.  Contact us to schedule a complimentary appointment.

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