Tis the season for alcohol and fighting

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bar fight in new jersey anthony carboneWho doesn’t love a good drink to celebrate the holiday season? You decided on Christmas Eve that you want to spend it at your favorite bar. You had a few drinks and you’re feeling pretty merry. However, the guy across the bar is feeling just the opposite. And he really doesn’t appreciate the music you’ve been choosing at the jukebox. You start a discussion with him that quickly turns into an argument and the next thing you know, the guy punches you, breaking your cheekbone. Can you sue?

No matter what the situation is, this is definitely an assault case. Even if you had been drinking at the time, you have every right to file a lawsuit against your attacker. Not only can you sue your attacker, but you can also bring a personal injury lawsuit against the owner of the bar under premises liability. What this means is that the property owner or the occupant of the property is responsible for keeping the environment safe. Since the bar owner allowed the fight to occur in his bar, there was no security present to defuse the situation, nor did the employees prevent the guy from drinking one too many, the bar failed to keep the premises safe for the customers.

Tis the season for celebration and usually this calls for alcohol. If you do go out drinking, please be careful. And if for some reason you get in trouble, or you are the cause of the trouble, contact us for a free consultation.

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