Common Truck Accidents FAQs

truck-accident-common-faqs-anthony-carboneTruck accidents can be more devastating than a regular motor vehicle accident. Commercial trucks can be carrying hazardous materials, resulting in serious injuries to you and your passengers. Plus the damage to your car could be devastating. Like other professions that rely on motor vehicles, truck drivers have several requirements they must follow, but many don’t follow them.

In an effort to protect yourself after getting into a truck accident, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone is providing a few common FAQs about what happens if you get into an accident, what you can expect after such an accident, and why you need an attorney.

What Steps Should I Take Following a Truck Accident?

Although truck accidents may be more serious than a regular car accident, the steps following the accident are similar to those after any auto accident:

  1. Stay calm and call 911 immediately
  2. If anyone was injured, try to move them to a safer spot.
  3. Get contact information from the truck driver and anyone involved in the accident.
  4. Get contact information from any witnesses at the scene.
  5. Take photos of the scene of the accident. Also it may be helpful to jot down a record of what happened while it’s fresh in your mind.
  6. Give your statement to the police but remember, never admit fault.
  7. Contact us and we’ll help you with the rest.

I Was Injured After a Truck Accident and the Driver Was at Fault. Can I Sue the Truck Driver?

Yes. If you’ve been injured, even if it’s minor, we highly recommend that you pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Many truck accidents are caused by driver error – such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, and impaired driving. With such a large vehicle such as a tractor-trailer, drivers might miss blind spots or have trouble braking quickly in case a hazard should happen.

What Should I Do When the Truck Company Contacts Me?

After a truck accident, you may receive a phone call from the company who employs the driver. They may ask you to record a statement about the incident, even before you had a chance to contact a lawyer. Don’t do it. Just like if the insurance company wants a recorded statement, this could be used against you if you choose to pursue legal action. The best thing to do tell the truck company to speak with a lawyer.

Do I Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

If you get into a truck accident and were injured in Jersey City, Newark, or throughout New Jersey, you are entitled to compensation. But don’t face the insurance companies alone. Instead, call the experienced truck accident attorney Anthony Carbone. For more than 25 years, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been getting our New Jersey clients the compensation they deserved. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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