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Did you get into an accident but didn’t get any evidence? Here’s what we’ll do for you:

WE START TAKING PICTURES IMMEDIATELY. Some people have delayed calling a lawyer until they are physically able to leave the hospital and as a result have failed to get pictures of themselves while they are recovering in the hospital. Such pictures are impossible to replace. We take pictures of our clients while they are in the hospital. In some cases, we videotape our clients in the hospital, physical therapy, or at home so that the insurance company will have a better understanding of our client’s injuries and the effect of those injuries on our client’s daily life.

AN INJURED PERSON WHO CALLS US RIGHT AFTER AN ACCIDENT GIVES US A CHANCE TO COLLECT EVIDENCE BEFORE IT DISAPPEARS. For example, we have videotaped clients receiving treatment in the Burn Center and such treatment is unbelievably painful. Only videotape can capture this moment. Words alone fail to describe the treatment and the pain as well as seeing it with the help of a video camera. This evidence can make a big difference in our client’s case value.

WE HAVE EXPERIENCED ACCIDENT INVESTIGATORS. It is important to obtain witness statements as soon as possible before the witness forgets what happened in the car or truck accident. The investigator will get pictures of wrecked vehicles. Sometimes, we will actually collect parts off of the wrecked vehicle, such as a bent steering wheel, to show the force of the impact and how our client’s body bent the steering wheel. Of course, there are many other parts of a car that we can keep to show the extent and the force of the crash. Every effort is made to get this evidence first. (Remember, the insurance company has already begun their investigation and it is important to your case for our investigation to begin as soon as possible.)

IN SOME CASES I HAVE PLACED LARGE SIGNS AT THE ACCIDENT SCENE REQUESTING THE HELP OF UNKNOWN WITNESSES TO THE ACCIDENT. Oftentimes we have found the names of witnesses that no one knew existed, not even the police who investigated the accident.

NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENTS sometimes produce witnesses to accidents, but it is important to place the ad in the newspaper as quickly as possible after the accident.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO CONTACT AN ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY because witnesses and other important evidence become harder to find with each passing day.

Remember, to win your case you have to convince the judge and jury. Who knows better than an experienced attorney how to collect and present the evidence to do this? If you agree, and if you live or work in Jersey City or elsewhere in Hudson County, New Jersey, we urge you to contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, P.C. for a free, confidential case review with our car accident attorney in New Jersey.

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