What Happens If a Defective Ladder Caused Your Injuries?

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defective ladderYou’re not sure how it’s even possible. At first, you thought your fall from the ladder happened because of your own clumsiness.  Truth be told, it might be more than that – and something that bears investigation. If you were injured in a ladder accident, you might be eligible for monetary damages by way of a products liability case.

First, some quick instructions regarding your injury claim. If it happened at work, you’ll want to notify your employer immediately. Your first case will be focused on receiving workers’ compensation benefits. The latter entails making sure your medical bills for authorized treatment are paid in full.

When it comes to receiving money for workplace injuries, you’ll also receive some amount of reimbursement for lost wages. And, then there’s the issue of permanent disability awards. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you apply for permanent disability – even if you’re not totally disabled.

Meanwhile, not all ladder accidents happen on the job. You could be injured while helping a friend or neighbor. Of course, there’s also the chance that you fell from a ladder while doing repairs or maintenance on your own home.

The bottom line is that there are regulations when it comes to ladders.  When you are hurt because of a ladder accident, it is critical that you save the ladder for inspection. In some cases, the workers’ compensation carrier will actually send someone out to take pictures of the ladder. Their goal is to place the blame for your accident on a third party – thus receiving a portion of the money they pay out on your behalf.

Products Liability Claims for Defective Ladders

In 2010, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) determined that 247K people received emergency room treatment for injuries that occurred because of either ladder or stool accidents. Additionally, 724K individuals received some form of medical treatment related to the same types of incidents.

Meanwhile, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  compiled statistics for occupational injuries related to ladder falls. In the decade prior to 2011, 43% of fatal falls involved ladders.  Overall, 20% of all falls on the job were related to ladders.

No doubt some ladder accidents have absolutely nothing to do with any ladder defects. For those that do, these are some examples of issues that can contribute to accidents:

  • The ladder was too flimsy to support injury victim’s weight – yet it said it could. Ladder buckled and sent the user to the concrete floor.
  • Misplaced rivets in ladder represented a manufacturing defect that resulted in ladder collapse.
  • Users needed to shift their weight to maintain gravity when descending the ladder. The manufacturer failed to provide adequate warnings regarding the associated risks.

All things considered, these are just some examples where it was determined that a defective ladder at least partially contributed to an accident. When you meet with an experienced personal injury attorney, you should be prepared to provide photographs and information about the ladder involved in your accident.

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