What to do after a rollover auto accident

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rollover-auto-accident-attorney-anthony-carboneIt is among the scariest of auto accidents and often accounts for startling injuries.  Overturned vehicle accidents can happen with such force that they also cause rollovers.  Yesterday’s news reports indicate that Route 280 was severely backed up during the evening rush hour.  Alarmingly, the incident involved the overturn of several vehicles.  The cars subsequently rolled over.

What Causes Rollover Auto Accidents

According to a 2012 report prepared by the University of Minnesota’s Center for Transportation Studies, overturned and rollover auto accidents account for a number of significant injuries.  In fact, many deaths occur because of the trauma endured in this type of incident.  What causes this type of accident?

The University of Minnesota report tells us there are two basic types of circumstances that can cause a rollover crash.  They are referred to as tripped and untripped rollover accidents.  A tripped accident occurs when the motor vehicle strikes a curb or some other object in the roadway.  It may also happen as a result of impact with another vehicle.  Most commonly, speed is an integral part of this type of accident.

Destabilization of a motor vehicle can occur as a result of a driver’s performance.  An untripped accident means that the motorist’s actions may have conflicted with the rules of gravity.  This may include taking a curve too quickly and failing to negotiate it properly.  The tires may also respond to road conditions and cause the vehicle to flip.

What to Do if Your Car Rolls Over

We prepare for the inevitable in many ways.  For example, we all know what to do if thunder and lightening are close.  Although no one can truly be prepared for a rollover auto accident, here are some suggestions:

  • Try to remain calm and avoid leaning forward
  • After the car stops, check yourself and your passengers for injuries
  • Turn off your vehicle
  • If you are able, call for emergency assistance
  • Assess the situation to see if you can find a way out of your vehicle

The Automobile Club of America offers information that may help you avoid rollover accidents.   Read their frequently asked questions to learn how you might circumvent an incident of this nature.  Among the top suggestions is to travel at a safe speed.  In addition, exercise caution against overcorrecting the way you steer your vehicle.

Any motor vehicle accident can cause significant personal injuries.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have decades of experience helped injured clients.  A consultation with our office is complimentary.  Contact us to discuss the circumstances of your case.

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