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defeating-the-insurance-company-anthony-carboneBy Anthony Carbone, PC

Thinking you can deal with the insurance company without the help of a Jersey City car accident attorney? Maybe. But before you do, here are some things you should be sure you understand:

  • The subrogation laws of New Jersey.
  • Your coverage for underinsurance and the set-off laws of New Jersey.
  • A little known law that was passed July 1, 1991 that will help you with subrogation (if you don’t know about this law, you could lose thousands of dollars).
  • The true value of your case.
  • How to use mediation and win.
  • How to use arbitration and win.
  • What is the statute of limitations on your case?
  • What is comparative fault and how to win your case?
  • What is contributory fault and how to win your case?
  • How to use an excess letter and win.
  • When to file suit and when not to file suit.

Also ask yourself: “How many jury trials have I done?” Most likely, none at all. And the insurance company knows it and they are not afraid of you! Its lack of fear translates to lower settlement offers for your car or truck accident injuries.

Jersey City personal injury attorney Anthony Carbone has been helping injured people for more than 25 years and here’s how he can help you:

  • Do you need an expert to help you on your case and if so, what kind of an expert? The right expert can break your case wide open and you get the settlement you deserve. Without the expert’s help, you may receive a tiny check.
  • Has your case been professionally investigated by someone on your side? (Our investigators have an average of 30-plus years of experience). Remember…our preliminary investigation is free.
  • Have you sent required tort claims notice? Some deadlines are as short as 180 days. Miss these deadlines and you’ll lose.
  • Do you understand the concept of punitive damages and how the claim can help you?
  • Do you know whether or not you have a dram shop claim?
  • Do you know how to get your hospital and doctor bills reduced?
  • If you have a workers’ compensation lien, do you know how to get that lien reduced substantially?
  • Did you know that 98 percent of all cases never make it into the courtroom? Most cases are settled.
  • Did you know that the insurance companies keep careful track on their computers about the lawyer you choose? They keep track of how your lawyer has settled past cases and whether those cases were settled for top dollar or for peanuts.
  • Did you know that insurance companies track law firms and they know which law firms fight and which law firms give up?
  • Do you know which insurance company will pay you more money if you provide hospital codes and diagnostic codes and…if you don’t provide these codes…most likely you will get a tiny check instead of the check you deserve?
  • Did you know that the insurance industry did research and found that injured people who have lawyers receive more money than those injured people who did not have a lawyer on their side? No wonder they do not want you to talk to a lawyer.
  • Do you know how to stop the insurance company from getting chummy with your own doctors? There is a very simple and effective way to stop this problem.
  • Do you know how to avoid losing between $25,000 and $75,000 on your case? Timing and consent is everything…without it you lose. Many injured people do not even know they have lost the money.
  • Do you know that you may have the legal right to collect from two or three or more insurance companies? If not…you could be losing thousands upon thousands of dollars.
  • Do you know how to maximize your claim to the insurance company so that the insurance company wants to pay you the settlement you deserve?
  • Do you know how to handle all of the delay tactics and other tactics to protect yourself so that the insurance company does not steamroll over you?

Your case is too important to lose. Why take chances? Most likely you have never had to deal with a situation like this ever in your life. It is important to get a professional experienced Newark personal injury lawyer on your side. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC today for a free consultation.

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