Who’s Responsible For My Bar Fight Injuries?

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who is responsible for my bar fight injuries anthony carboneIt’s that time of the year where football is dominating our television sets. Sometimes we’re in the mood to share a good game with friends so we go to the local sports bar. And maybe you have a few too many drinks and aren’t thinking straight. And maybe a fan of the opposing team has been talking crap about your team all night. Your friend is getting angry and is ready to pick a fight. After all, someone has to stand up for your team’s honor, right? Before you know it, a full-out brawl is happening in the bar and you are injured in the fracas. Congratulations! A night out with the guys has landed you in the hospital. Now, what?

If you were injured in a bar fight, there are a few people who are responsible for your injuries. Obviously, the first person to blame is the assailant. If you weren’t the one who initiated the fight or even agreed upon fighting, then the person who had attacked you is responsible for your medical bills. Chances are that person is facing some hefty criminal charges so you may have better luck suing another party for the bar fight.

The other party who is responsible is the bar employees and its owners. It’s definitely a case of negligence — the bar is responsible because it had supplied the alcohol, causing the participants of the bar fight to get drunk enough to battle. It is the duty of the bar to not only keep its customers safe from harm but also to not serve those customers who are intoxicated already. In addition, there was no security to prevent the fight, making the above scenario a case of negligent security.

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