50 Ways to Collect on Your Slip and Fall Case

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50 Ways to Collect on Your Slip and Fall CasePaul Simon says there’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” If that’s possible, there must be at least 50 ways you can help in pursuing your right to collect on your slip and fall case. And, no, we’re not talking about “slipping out the back, Jack.”

 Your Slip and Fall Case: The First 10

  • Retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to investigate your case.
  • Slip, trip, or fall. – Have a legitimate accident.
  • Suffer injuries. – You can’t collect unless you have damages.
  • If you see something, say something. – Report hazardous conditions before you get hurt.
  • Seek medical care. – Your primary concern should be your physical and emotional health.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene. – A picture speaks more than anything else.
  • Write down the address where you fell. – Supplement your notes with pictures.
  • Make a report. – Notify the police or business entities of your fall.
  • If you’ve fallen on public property, make sure you document your accident immediately.
  • Secure witness names. – Eyewitnesses add legitimacy to your slip and fall claim.

Slip and Fall Accidents Inside a Shopping MallFollow these Next 10, Too

  • Identify the dangerous conditions that made you fall. – Document them.
  • If you fell over an object, attempt to preserve it as evidence.
  • Don’t rely on your recollection concerning your fall. Write a brief summary.
  • Determine whether you slipped or tripped by recording the direction of your fall.
  • Let your attorney know if you’ve noticed the property owner check hazardous conditions.
  • Take more photographs. – Document your bruises and casts in picture form.
  • Write down the name of each and every medical provider.
  • Keep a medical diary of your treatment in chronology format.
  • Retain any medical reports or test results for your attorney’s review.
  • Provide your lawyer with copies of all bills.

When Snow or Ice Caused Your Slip and Fall

  • Make a note of the last time it snowed or was cold enough to form ice.
  • Record whether you fell on a sidewalk, walkway, or in a parking lot.
  • Let your attorney determine if a lease requires a commercial tenant to remove snow or ice.
  • See if a property search shows you fell on residential property.
  • Count on your lawyer to find out if you were injured on government property.
  • Check to see if any attempts were made to remove snow or ice.
  • Document the time of your accident as it will matter as far as the last precipitation.
  • Jot down the names of snow removal services you notice clearing the premises.
  • Ask your lawyer about the significance of the “Natural Accumulation Rule.”
  • Determine if weather conditions contributed to your slip and fall in a store.

These Ten Matter, As WellSlip and Fall

  • Make a note of what you were wearing when you fell, including your footwear.
  • Determine if any handrails were in sight and available to break your fall.
  • Let your attorney know if anyone verbally warned you of slippery or unsafe surfaces.
  • Take photographs of any caution signs erected to advise of hazardous conditions.
  • Document the reason you were on the premises where you fell.
  • Make sure your lawyer knows if your accident is work-related.
  • Keep a record of any lost wages.
  • Provide the information you have concerning building code violations.
  • Don’t be afraid to pursue a case if you were partially at fault for your slip and fall accident.
  • Make your attorney aware of any inspections of the premises where you fell.

Last Ten: Dealing with the Insurance Company

  • Retain an experienced personal injury attorney to deal with the insurance company.
  • Ignore the insurance company’s claim denial unless legal counsel agrees you have no case.
  • Do not agree to any settlements unless you consult with a lawyer first.
  • Speak with your attorney about providing information to the insurance carrier.
  • If you slipped and fell at work, follow the insurance company’s plan for medical treatment.
  • Consult with your attorney before attending other medical appointments.
  • Do not complete forms or agree to recordings regarding your version of the accident.
  • Remember that negotiating your claim without counsel could delay your recovery.
  • Don’t let the insurance adjuster minimize your damages.
  • Hire a lawyer to negotiate or take your premises liability case to trial.

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And, there you have it. At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we can easily come up with even more ways you can help collect on your slip and fall case. While “it grieves us to see you in such pain,” we’re here to assist you. Give us a call at 201-733-2230 to set up an appointment to discuss your claim.

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