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If you happen to be involved in a Lyft accident, you must immediately contact your Lyft accident lawyer. Lyft accidents differ from typical vehicle collisions. In many cases, the victims are Lyft passengers, and in other cases, it can be other motorists or pedestrians. Our Bayonne Lyft Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone is always ready to assist Lyft accident victims receive compensation due to injuries sustained in a crash.

We investigate your case in detail to understand the requirements needed for Lyft accident lawsuits. The staffers at the firm are dedicated to structuring a watertight claim to ensure you receive your full compensation. We are committed to helping Lyft accident victims whether it is the driver of the Lyft vehicle, the passenger, pedestrian, or motorist get their compensation packages.

Lyft Accident Insurance Coverage

What Happens if You're Caught Driving Without License? | The Law Offices of Anthony CarboneThe Lyft Company provides liability insurance for its drivers, provided they already had a collision and comprehensive coverage from their vehicle insurance. The company also has strict regulations regarding compensation. The passenger must already be in the car, and the other driver must be the party at fault if the Lyft driver is to be compensated.

Some of the Lyft insurance policies include:

  • Primary liability coverage, which covers a passenger who is in the car
  • Contingent liability coverage, which covers the driver while awaiting a ride request
  • Contingent collision coverage covers the Lyft driver’s vehicle.
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage totaling up to $1 million per accident

Insurance Issues After a Lyft Accident

self-driving cars law offices of anthony carboneWhen you use a bus or a tax, these companies have specific insurance coverage that protects passengers in an auto accident. However, for a ridesharing vehicle like Lyft, the driver is under no obligation to have a separate insurance policy. Therefore, after a Lyft accident, you may not be protected by the driver’s insurance.

You will be required to contact your insurance provider for assistance in clearing medical bills. In most cases, insurance companies target down-pay accident victims. This is when an experienced Lyft accident attorney can help with your situation. If you get injured in a Lyft accident, you are eligible to receive compensation.

Our Lyft lawyer will assist you in gathering all the necessary documents to build a successful compensation claim. In other cases, the insurance company can also deny driver compensation if they use their personal vehicles for commercial purposes. The drivers also find it difficult to file for workers’ compensation since they are considered independent contractors.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

More Chance of Injuries as the Super Bowl Approaches? | the Law Offices of Anthony CarboneThe personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have experience in helping accident victims get full compensation for lost wages, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and vehicle damage. We understand the needs facing accident victims and therefore work tirelessly to ensure we protect your rights in the most substantial way possible. If you or a loved one is injured or killed in the Lyft accident, we file a wrongful death suit against the at-fault party to compensate for the loss.

Contact our lawyers if you require any assistance regarding Lyft accidents. Let us give you the best legal representation and ensure that you receive your payment to help you recover from your pain and suffering.

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