Case for Carbone: When Fireworks Cause Personal Injury

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Many people look forward to the big booms and magnificent lights. In fact, some take to the backyard to put on their own Fourth of July display. So, what happens when fireworks cause personal injury? Could it be a Case for Carbone?  fireworks cause personal injury

Large shows bring in the most attention. Tonight, you could head over to Secaucus to join in their Independence Day Celebration.  Otherwise, you might want to get an early start to enjoy fireworks in the City of Bayonne. If you’re so inclined to wait for the actual Fourth of July, Jersey City hosts a 50 Star Fire Show at Exchange Place.  The Town of Kearny also brings lights and booms tomorrow at their Annual Independence Celebration.

For the most part, more substantial and better-organized shows lessen the risk for personal injury. After all, they’re run by professionals. The real issues start when people don’t practice fireworks safety and guard against the potential dangers. Just because New Jersey now allows the sale and use of some fireworks, doesn’t make it any less scary. The 2018 Fireworks Annual Report prepared by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPC) provides some striking statistics regarding fireworks and personal injury.

Fireworks Cause Personal Injury and Death

Case for Carbone: When Firesworks Cause Personal Injury | the Law Offices of Anthony CarboneTruth be told, the threat of personal injury sounds bad enough.  Fireworks-related injuries resulted in over 9,100 emergency room visits last year. Worse yet?  Five fatal accidents occurred as a result of the explosive devices. Statistically, men suffer more injuries than women in fireworks-related incidents. Truth be told, male victims accounted for all of last year’s fatalities. Between the years 2003 and 2018, 121 died as a result of a fireworks-related accident.

Most recognize the dangers associated with fireworks. Obviously, it makes sense to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when lighting them off in the backyard. However, there’s always the chance for malfunctions. A recent news article sums up the reason the government recently recalled a number of fireworks as “overloaded with pyrotechnics.”

Those who survive fireworks-related accidents often suffer serious and permanent personal injuries, which include:

According to authorities, even simple sparklers cause personal injury. That said, most harm appears to come from Roman Candles, firecrackers, and bottle rockets.

Can You Sue for Fireworks-Related Injuries?

case for carbone: when fireworks cause personal injury | the law offices of anthony carboneIf you or a loved suffers fireworks-related injuries, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Investigating claims of malfunctioning fireworks often proves a difficult task. Not only is it hard to determine the origin of the product, but where the defect occurred. Depending on the extent of your injuries, it may be possible to pursue a products liability case for a fireworks accident. This entails filing a claim against the product manufacturers, as well as the distributor and vendor who sold the fireworks.

Meanwhile, property owners assume some responsibilities when it comes to firework displays on private property. You may be able to pursue a premises liability claim in some circumstances. Once again, your attorney will investigate the accident and discuss the possibility of this type of lawsuit.

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case for carbone: when fireworks cause personal injury | the law offices of anthony carboneAs we get ready to celebrate Independence Day, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone wishes you a day of fun and festivities. We encourage you to act safely and know we are here to help you in the event you suffer any type of accident. Contact us to schedule an appointment if you need our assistance. CALL NOW 201-762-8956

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