When Does Child Support End?

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child-supportYou’ve been paying child support for years and finally your child is turning 18. Congratulations! You must feel a mixture of pride and anxiety. So this means you don’t have to pay child support anymore, right?

This is a common misconception. In the eyes of the law, when a minor reaches the age of 18 they are considered an adult. And since your child is no longer a minor, that means no more child support. Well, no not exactly. In New Jersey, there is no age limit when it comes to child support. In fact, support could continue for child through college or possibly longer.

So how can you stop child support once your child becomes financially independent? To stop child support payments, either you or ex-spouse must file papers with the court asking that the order be terminated. This is called “emancipation.” Once the papers are filed, the court will then decide whether the child still needs financial support from his/her parents. The child does not have to be 18 in order to claim emancipation. As long as the child can prove he/she is financial independent, then emancipation can be order. Sometimes, your child support order will have a specific date, age or circumstance when your child support will end, such as your ex-spouse remarrying. If that is the case, then it will end automatically and you will not have to worry about filing a paper.

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