Are you covered for injuries sustained in a car accident?

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leave the scene of an accident law offices of anthony carboneIt is a bad enough to sustain injuries in a car accident.  It is even worse when someone else causes the crash.  Once the myriad of medical bills come in, the situation seems to border on the impossible.  The average person may find the whole mess entirely too confusing and overwhelming to handle alone.  A personal injury attorney is often the best person to consult concerning insurance coverage after a car accident.

In this article, we will only address instances when you or someone in your household has standard car insurance in New Jersey.  What are the different components on the policy and how do they work when you have an accident?

Personal Injury Protection:   New Jersey’s Department of Banking and Insurance’s webpage outlines Personal Injury Protection (PIP).  Although some health insurance policies may act as primary insurers for medical bills, this is something that needs to be checked with your healthcare carrier.  Many policies have exclusions for motor vehicle accidents.  In New Jersey, PIP has two major roles.  First, it covers all related medical expenses, including medical equipment, such as wheelchairs. It also covers funeral expenses. Your policy may have a provision for additional PIP coverage.  This would afford you reimbursement for lost wages and the necessity for homecare.

Although drivers may select a lesser amount, the standard New Jersey automobile policy  is defaulted to provide coverage up to $250,000 for medical bill payment.  Although this may sound like a great deal of money, it is not when faced with a catastrophic accident.  Many insurance buyers increase their policy limits to avoid the potential for exceeding the cap.

Liability: Liability coverage has two functions on your car insurance policy.  It is the portion of the policy used when you cause the accident.  Liability coverage pays for an attorney to represent you for your “at fault” issues.  This could mean payment for injuries/death or property damage to the other party involved in your accident.  Note: In some disputed accidents, it is not uncommon for the insurance company to assign an attorney to defend your actions.  A lawyer, such as the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, would represent you for your claim against the other driver.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: More than likely, you have noticed these terms on the factsheet of your automobile insurance policy.  What exactly do they mean?  Unfortunately, despite New Jersey’s mandatory insurance laws, some drivers do not have car insurance.  If you have a claim for bodily injury or property damage against an uninsured driver, this portion of the coverage is applicable.  If the other driver has insurance, but it less than your Underinsured Coverage, your policy may afford you benefits for bodily insurance or property damage.

Some New Jersey drivers may be eligible for Special Automobile Insurance policies.  This gives limited car insurance to drivers eligible for federal Medicaid with hospitalization.  This type of policy is inexpensive, and limited in benefits.  Basic car insurance is also available and although more affordable than standard policies, offers less benefits in the case of an accident.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone are obviously not insurance agents.  However, our specialty is dealing with the repercussions of your choices after you sustain personal injury in an accident.  We are here to help you deal with the insurance company after your accident and ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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