Could E-Cigarettes See More Restrictions in the Future?

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e-cigarettes ban anthony carboneE-cigarettes have been in the news recently after exploding devices have lead to a series of lawsuits throughout the United States. But now these devices could be facing another issue — more legal restrictions on where you can use them.

The Welsh government has just introduced a new Public Health Bill which bans electronic cigarettes from being used in some public places, especially in places where children our present. Although the bill is not expected to be enforced until next year, similar measures may happen right here in the United States. A Vermont state representative has just introduced a new bill that restricts the sale and public use of electronic cigarettes.

Currently, e-cigarettes are legal in New Jersey. However, there are laws on where people can use them. In 2010, New Jersey was the first state to ban vaping in public places by expanding a current law that bars indoor smoking in restaurants, bars, and other public places to include e-cigarettes. But as of right now, there is no restrictions on the sale of these devices.

The e-cigarette has always been billed as a healthier alternative than cigarettes. However, the jury is still out as to whether vaping is really better for you. Although there is no tobacco in vapors, these devices still deliver high levels of nicotine which can damage your body. Plus the liquid used in vapors is extremely volatile, which is what leads to the explosions. And despite the dangers of explosions, e-cigarettes are becoming extremely popular in younger adults and teenagers.

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