What falls under personal injury law?

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what-is-personal-injury-law-Anthony-CarboneYou’ve heard the phrase used a lot, especially if you have spent time looking through our website. Although you may have an idea of what personal injury law is, you still aren’t sure if you have a personal injury case or what type of cases can fall under the law. So let us clear this up for you.

A personal injury case is when one person has been harmed after an accident or an injury and that injury was caused by a legally responsible party. So let’s say you slip on a patch of ice in front of your neighbor’s home during a visit. Your neighbor is legally responsible for your accident because he/she failed to make the area safe for his/her visitor. Although this is a simple example, this is the basic components of a personal injury lawsuit. Someone gets hurt and it’s due to someone else’s negligence.

There are two types of personal injury lawsuit:

A formal lawsuit – This is when an individual files a civil complaint against a person, business or government agency. The lawsuit generally states the defendant had acted in a careless or irresponsible matter and had caused injury to the plaintiff.

An informal settlement – This is usually the case of a personal injury lawsuit. Instead of going to court and trying to prove how the defendant was at fault for the accident, the two parties negotiate a settlement which will then follow a written agreement say that no further legal action will occur.

So what falls under personal injury law? All cases involve some type of accident. They could be one of the following:

Remember, the injury doesn’t necessarily have to be physical – psychological pain is also considered an actionable defense.

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