Who is At Fault After a Car Accident?

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It’s on our minds more and more as the weather becomes worse outside. Bad weather equals bad roads. And that usually means a car accident could occur at any second. Let’s say you are driving on the highway. The car in the next lane begins to slide into your lane and you can’t stop your car in time. You hit the other car. Although no one is injured, there is damage to both cars. Who is at fault?

Perhaps an accident is not as cut and dry as shown in the example above. But everyone at one time has gotten into an accident and wonder how fault is figured out. The first thing that is taken into consideration is if any traffic violations had occurred. If you had ran a red light and hit a car, then you are at fault since you caused the accident. In most cases, if a car is hit from behind or is taking a left turn, the person at fault is the one who hit the other driver.

Negligence also plays a major part in the accident. In the case above, you can say both drivers are at fault. The driver in the skidding car is a fault because he had lost control of his vehicle. The same can be said about the driver who hit the other car.

If you get into a car accident, make sure you know what to do. Click here for advice on what you should be doing after getting into an accident. And don’t forget to contact us. We’ll help you with any issues you have.

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