Is Your Holiday Gift on the List of Dangerous Toys?

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dangerous toys law offices of anthony carboneThe stores are alive with the sounds of shoppers.  And, there are echoes of keyboards clicking to find the perfect holiday gift.  Have you found what you wanted for the children in your life?  Make sure your selection isn’t on the list of dangerous toys.

We should add some extra cautionary words.  Ensure that you are safe as well.  We know that many are doing their best to find the ideal present.  Watch your steps and your pocketbook when you’re at the mall.  Be careful to stay in well-lit areas and look out for spills or merchandise set up improperly.  The last thing you need is a product liability claim arising from your quest to make holiday purchases.

The 2016 List of Dangerous Toys

We weren’t kidding.  There actually is a list of dangerous toys.  Actually, the dangerous label comes from us.  The World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH)  refers to them as the worst toys.  We’ll break some of them down for you:

  1. PEPPA PIG’S MUDDY PUDDLES FAMILY – There are two different warning labels on this toy’s packaging.  One says the toy is suited for children over age three; the other, age two. The problem is that there are lots of small parts with this toy.  This makes this package of plastic piggies a potential choking hazard.  Better suited for an older child.
  2. KIDS TIME BABY CHILDREN’S ELEPHANT PILLOW – At least one retailer’s website cautions that this toy is not intended for children under age three. However, there is no information on the product itself.  Smaller children can suffocate if they are trapped by a pillow.
  3. SLIMEBALL SLINGER – The name implies that this toy uses a slingshot to shoot slime. The problem?  Propelling any type of object has an inherent risk.  The slinger fires slime balls with such a strong force that can cause serious injuries.  This includes the potential of throwing an object to someone’s eye.
  4. PEPPY PUPS – This is a pull toy intended for children who are at least two years old. The issue with this toy is that it comes with a 31-inch cord. This puts a child at risk for strangling.
  5. BABY MAGIC FEED AND PLAY BABY – A version of this doll has been around for decades.  This model’s package label says that the doll is intended for children over age two.  One of the items in the box is a slim baby bottle that can be ingested by a small child.  There are no warnings regarding potential choking hazards.

You can take a look at WATCH’s list to review the names of other toys they consider a problem.  Inspect toys carefully when you purchase them and try to follow manufacturer’s guidelines regarding their use.

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