The Importance of a Truck Accident Investigation

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truck-accidents-anthony-carboneYet another truck accident has hit the local media.  According to news reports,  this accident occurred on Route 78 and tied up traffic for several hours.  Witnesses claim an Audi driver was entering Route 78 from the Garden State Parkway and drove into the path of a tanker truck.  Unfortunately, the motorist driving the Audi died at the scene.  Although the tanker erupted in flames, its driver was able to escape through the windshield.  As a result of the initial accident impact, the tanker hit a tractor-trailer.  Its operator was treated at the hospital and released after evaluation.

It is interesting to read the comments following the various news articles regarding this story.  Some say the accident was clearly the Audi driver’s fault, as he allegedly did not yield to the tanker truck.  Others comment that the roadway is improperly designed, and therefore opine that the Department of Transportation bears some responsibility for the accident.  Still others suggest that there should be tougher regulations placed on truck operators so that they are not on roadways during certain hours.  One eyewitness reported that the tanker came from the far left local lanes of the highway and crossed all the way over to the median of the express lanes.  The witness could not account for the reason the truck veered and even wondered if the truck had blown out a tire.  This certainly conflicts with other stories that place the blame of the accident solely on the Audi motorist.

Obviously, there are a few claims arising out of this type of accident.  The first issue is to establish liability for the accident.  Is it feasible to pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of the decedent?  In order to determine this, an attorney’s office would thoroughly investigate the accident.  As personal injury attorneys, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has substantial resources concerning accident reconstruction and investigation.  This would include seeking out witnesses and interviewing them.  It would entail securing photographs, videos, and reports.

At the very minimum, both truck drivers may have a workers’ compensation claim for injuries they sustained in this accident.  Our office assists injured workers in obtaining all necessary benefits.  In addition, we investigate the circumstances of the accident for claims against the third parties that may have caused it.

If you are involved in any type of accident and sustain injuries, it is important to seek competent legal advice.  Contact our offices to set up a complementary appointment.

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