What You Need to Know If You’re Hurt in a Taxi Accident

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taxi accidents anthony carboneInjuries from any type of car crash can be overwhelming.  However, if you’re hurt in a taxi accident, there are some things you need to know.  They certainly won’t change your medical condition.  But, there are steps you should take as a matter of course.  And, you should be aware of insurance coverage issues.

No one can dispute that it’s a risk every time a passenger agrees to ride in a vehicle driven by someone else.  Of course, taxi drivers are an additional gamble.  It’s not like asking a friend or family member for a lift to the store.  Riding in a cab means trusting a total stranger with your safety.

You could avoid using taxi services.  You might decide to rely on alternative services such as Uber or Lyft or other means of public transportation. The risks could be equivalent to getting hurt in any type of motor vehicle accident.

There are some things that are important for you to know regarding taxi accidents.  Keep them in mind if you find you use taxis as a matter of convenience.  Of course, if you have been involved in this type of accident, you might also find this information helpful.

The Particulars of Taxi Accidents

Although most cabs are either cars or vans, they are still different than vehicles used for personal use.  Medical bill payment is a big issue for any automobile accident.  You may be surprised at how the law treats these types of claim.  We’ll briefly outline them:

  • Did you use a taxi because you don’t own a car? You may assume that the cab driver’s insurance will pay for your medical treatment.  Unfortunately, most taxis don’t carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) as stated in the law.  They are only required to retain nominal insurance policies that make payments under a portion of their policy named “Med-Pay”.  Generally, the caps on benefits are quite low.
  • Wear your seatbelt – New Jersey law doesn’t require that you wear a seatbelt in the back of a cab. However, it makes sense to buckle up.  One of the saddest articles we wrote was about the death of John Nash, made famous by “A Beautiful Mind.”  He and his wife were ejected from a cab involved in a motor vehicle crash.
  • Take down details – If you’re involved in a taxi accident and able, take notes. Write down the name of taxi company, cab number, driver’s name.  Also, keep a record of the taxi’s license plate and the other vehicles involved in the accident.  Make sure you know the location of the accident and the responding police department.
  • Take photographs – Just about everyone uses their smartphone as a portable camera. Take pictures of the accident scene and any property damage to the vehicles.  You might find it easier to also use your camera instead of writing down details.

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We’ve provided you with some important information concerning taxi accidents.  However, we can’t stress the importance of securing experienced legal counsel for this type of claim.  If you have injured in a cab accident, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone can help you.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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