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illegal immigrant accident injury anthony carboneWhat happens if you’re injured in an accident?  And, don’t have legal status?  We’re sure you have many concerns.  Consider the case of young Alexander.

When he was three years old, Alexander’s family came to the United States.  They were here on a visitor’s visa.  The paperwork allowed the family to stay here for a designated time period.  In short, they had permission to stay here temporarily.

The family stayed beyond the allowable date.

Alexander’s father though he could make it in America.  His own country did not afford him an opportunity to support his wife and child.  They became undocumented immigrants.  Some would refer to them as illegal aliens.

Alexander is eighteen now.  He has no recollection of his birthplace.  Like many, Alexander and his family survive in the shadows.

Life changes.  Alexander is a passenger in his friend’s car.  The two are headed to a fast food restaurant.  Suddenly, a drunk driver blasts through a red light.  The car crash impacts on the passenger side.  Alexander is frightened.  He can actually see a bone sticking out of his arm.

What now?  Alexander is not in America legally.  Who will help him find medical care?

Immigration Status and Personal Injury

We know there’s a lot of controversy about immigration.  That’s not part of this discussion.  Our concern is to let you know what to do if you face a situation like Alexander’s.

The first step is obviously the level of medical treatment.  Find a way to the emergency room.  Your wellbeing is the most important part of the process.

Don’t lie about your identity. Give your right name.

The next step is to seek the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.  You may be concerned that admitting your immigration status will get your deported.  Speaking to an attorney is the exception.

An attorney is ethically bound to keep your confidences.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we recognize the importance of protecting our clients.

You may also be worried that you can’t afford a lawyer.  For personal injury cases, attorneys are not paid until the end of the case.  And then, only if they are able to secure money for you.  This is true for all accident cases, including car crashes and slip and fall accidents.  It’s also how lawyers receive money for representing those hurt at work.

This should all be done as soon as possible after the accident.  It will be important to review the circumstances of the incident.  It is crucial to establish fault.  Of course, your lawyer will be looking to see if there is insurance applicable to your claim.

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