Why You Should Actually Pay Attention to Product Recalls

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product-recall-anthony-carboneThere’s a reason for product recalls.  Although they may be issued for a variety of reasons, product recalls have a common theme.  They are designed to prevent accidents.  In some cases, a product may be deemed dangerous because it has resulted in someone’s death.

Take the recent product recall issued by IKEA.  It concerns dressers that can potentially fall forward and cause serious injury.  In fact, news reports indicate there have been six deaths attributable to IKEA’s Malm and other style dressers.  There is a risk that the dressers or chests of drawers may tip over and actually pin victims. Unfortunately, six children have died from these very scenarios.

The extent of the IKEA dresser recall is massive. The company has recalled 29 million dressers, citing their dangerous design.  Anyone who purchased this type of furniture since 2002 may contact the company for a complete refund.  Alternatively, IKEA will send out carpenters to anchor the dressers to the wall.  This way they won’t tip over.

But, how do consumers find out about these types of recalls?  It’s not like car manufacturer recalls.  Most people don’t register their furniture with the manufacturer or distributor.

Keeping Informed About Product Recalls

You might be surprised to learn about the number of product recalls.  Of course, some represent more harm than others.  The annual number of manufacturer recalls is well over a thousand.  Here are some suggestions to keep you informed about product recalls:

  • If a product comes with a registration card, complete it and return it as directed
  • Some products can be registered by phone or online. Take advantage of the convenience.
  • Become familiar with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website. They offer a chronological database of recent recalls.  You can also search for particular products and learn about recall lawsuits.
  • Report any issues with particular products to help prevent injuries. If you think that a product is unsafe, fill in this form at SaferProducts.gov.
  • Pay attention to news media announcements. You may not even realize you or a loved one is at risk until you hear it announced on the radio or television.
  • Be aware that the Food and Drug Administration also maintains a recall website. You can sign up for alerts to receive information about safety alerts for food, cosmetics and drugs.
  • You can find information about automobile recalls and defects here. You can actually search for recalls by VIN numbers.

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We’ve provided you with some basic tools that should keep you aware of product recalls.  However, as experienced product liability attorneys, we can tell you that plenty of products can be unsafe.  They don’t necessarily have to be recalled to represent potential injury.  If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury as a result of an unsafe product, we’d love to speak with you.  Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to see how we can assist you.

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