Did the Pulaski Skyway Shutdown Contribute to Recent Turnpike Accident?

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fatal-auto-accident-jersey-cityRush hour traffic in Jersey City has always been of nightmarish proportions.  However, the recent closure of northbound access to the Pulaski Skyway most certainly increased congestion on neighboring roadways.  The New Jersey Turnpike went so far as to convert a portion of its highway shoulder into a third travel lane during peak hours.  According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, this change could accommodate an extra 4,500 vehicles on a daily basis.  How has this affected the ride into and out of the Holland Tunnel?

For many, the commute into New York City is merely routine.  For others, it is a neverending stressful ordeal.  It is unknown if the change in traffic patterns contributed to a recent mishap that included a fatality.  On June 13, a Brooklyn man died as a result of an auto accident.  The victim was a passenger in one of the cars that was stopped at the Exit 14C tollbooths.  A second vehicle struck it from behind with such force that it pushed the car into a median made from cones.  A third car then crashed into the first vehicle; its passenger died at the scene.

As a result of this horrific accident, the victim’s family will want to meet with an attorney to discuss a wrongful death action.  If the decedent left behind a will, the individual named as the executor brings the case.  Otherwise, the court will appoint someone as the administrator ad prosequendum.  The basis for choosing this individual is based on the laws determining next of kin.  For example, a husband would likely be granted the right to sue for a wife lost to someone else’s wrongful act.

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