Breakthrough Information on the Dangers of E-Cigarettes

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e-cigarette explosion anthony carboneYou may remember the news account from late last year.   A woman was standing at a store counter at a New Jersey mall.  Suddenly, a large bang was heard that seemed to originate from her designer handbag.   Smoke permeated the air, and the frightened shopper suffered burns.  The cause?  Apparently, an e-cigarette battery had exploded.

You can imagine how the situation became panicked.  People ran out of the mall concerned that there was a terrorist attack.  The battery wasn’t even attached to the vape pen.  Instead, it was loose in the pocketbook.  Obviously, e-cigarette battery explosions are not predictable.  However, they cause serious injuries requiring medical attention.

The Problem with E-Cigarettes

About a year ago, we wrote about the safety hazards associated with e-cigarettes.  Since that time, new information has come out.  The Fire Analysis and Research Division of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) accumulated data regarding incidents related to e-cigarettes.  Some resulted in fires, while others were explosions.  More than three-quarters of the accidents led to someone going to the hospital.

Think you don’t have to be concerned while you are in the act of inhaling from the vape pen? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  One incident caused such significant burns and facial cuts that the victim was initially termed in critical condition.  Fortunately, he survived.

Men generally carry e-cigarettes in their pockets.  More than one accident caused severe burns to a male victim’s legs.  The injuries were bad enough to require skin grafting.

So, what’s the problem with e-cigarettes and why is this happening?  Let’s start with the components of the devices:

  • Electronic and thus require charging
  • Contains a cartridge or tank that encapsulates liquid nicotine
  • Includes a heating element also known as an atomizer
  • Has a battery, which seems to be the most likely part to explode

According to research, most accidents involving e-cigarettes appear to happen when the pen is set up for charging.   This could occur for a variety of reasons.  The victim may have decided to use a charging device that did not come with the model, but seemed to work.  An emphasis should be placed on using the appropriate charger.  Of course, the unit may also be poorly designed and manufactured.

But, why do e-cigarettes seemingly explode for no reason?  Fires have been known to occur from lithium batteries, and that’s what powers vape pens.  The reason is that lithium batteries pack a large amount of power into a small space.  You might correlate these incidents to recent fires associated with smartphones.

Injured When an E-Cigarette Exploded or Caught on Fire?

Injuries from an exploding e-cigarette can be devastating and cause permanent disfigurement.  If you have been involved in this type of accident, you may be able to pursue a products liability claim.  Need legal advice?  Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to see how we can assist you.

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