The perils of child safety restraints

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child-safety-restraints-perils-anthony-carboneIt is bad enough when a child is involved in an automobile accident.  It is even worse when injuries are exaggerated because of improper installation of a car seat.  The perils of child safety restraints can be compounded by use of a defective product.  Unfortunately, improperly used or designed child safety restraints can add to significant injuries.  Sadly, some injuries may be severe enough to result in death.

Car Seat Installation

The State of New Jersey’s Department of Law and Public Safety reports  that 80% of car seats are improperly installed by those attempting to protect their children.  Obviously, this is a staggering statistic.  The seat may not be secured properly in the vehicle, causing it to pry loose with the force of an accident.  Some parents may also fail to use the seat’s inner buckles and rely on the seatbelt.  Fortunately, the State recognizes concerns with child safety restraint systems and offers certified expert technical assistance.

In particular, the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety  runs a program allowing individuals to check the manner in which they installed the car seat.  You can find a list of checkpoints here.  In Hudson County, inspections are conducted at the Jersey City Medical Center EMS Building, located at 415 Montgomery Avenue in Jersey City.  From April through September, assistance is available every Thursday from 10am until 2pm.  In the other months, car seat installation can be checked at the same time.  However, the service is only provided on the first and third Thursday of each month.  The safety check is free and does not require an appointment.

Defective Child Safety Restraint Systems

Even if a child safety restraint system is properly installed, there can be issues with the equipment.  This is one of the dangers of purchasing used car seats.  All though something may appear to be a bargain, the cost of using defective equipment may be immeasurable.

In dealing with child safety restraints, it is important to be an educated consumer.  Know how to check for recalls.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration compiles lists of child seats with recall notifications.  The defective car seats may also be subjects of investigation.  Researchers can sign up for electronic mail notification to keep current on information.

  • Although the data in this particular list has not been updated since October of 2014, you may find information regarding car seats manufactured in the last ten years.
  • For child safety restraints older than ten years, you should do a search here.

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