Three Things You Should Know about Flip Over Crashes

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rollover accidents anthony carbonePerhaps you’ve passed a car bottoms up and wondered how it got that way.  Maybe you yourself were involved in a flip over crash.  It’s a scary sight.  And, even worse if you are the one trapped inside the vehicle.

The news is full of graphic stories and accompanying photos documenting flip over crashes.  Earlier this month, the local newspaper covered one that occurred on Jersey City/Union City border.   In June, the news reported that Jay Leno was involved in a stunt car crash.  Reports indicate that the flip over crash was not planned.  Leno was lucky enough to escape injury.

Property damage is only one nightmare of a vehicle that turns over.  There’s also the issue of getting stuck in the car.  And, the potential for serious personal injuries is very real in these types of accidents.  Check out these three important things you should know when it comes to rollover accidents.

Why Vehicles Flip Over and What to Do if It Happens to You

  1. Why Vehicles Flip Over – Flip over car crashes are often referred to as rollover accidents.  When a vehicle either falls on its side or lands on its roof, the results can be devastating.
    Many times, the vehicle attempted to take a turn at too high a rate of speed.  They may then hit the embankment or some obstruction in the roadway.  Other possibilities include a car that slides on a slippery substance and cannot gain traction.  Sometimes a car is hit with such force by another vehicle that it causes it to overturn.
  2. Some Vehicles Are More Prone to Flip Over Accidents – Although a flip over accident can occur with any type of vehicle, some are at a greater risk. These include:
    • Light Weight Trucks
    • Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
    • Vans

    This does not exempt trucks or passenger cars from rollover accidents.  This just means that the design and weight of certain trucks, SUVs and vans make them more at risk for a flip over crash.

  3. What if You Become Entrapped in a Flipped Over Vehicle? – If you are able to use your cell phone yourself, call for emergency assistance. Check to see if you are in a position to remove your own seatbelt, without causing yourself harm from a fall.  Try to remain patient as first responders do their job to rescue you.

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Anyone involved in a flip over vehicle crash can attest to the frightening nature of the incident.  If you or a loved one has suffered personal injuries attributable to this type of accident, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone can assist you.  Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your claim.

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