Weekend Safety Tips, Part 12: Tip-Over Furniture Accidents are on the Rise

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tip-over furniture accidents anthony carboneYou probably didn’t realize how much of a problem tip-over furniture accidents are. But in recent years, tip-over accidents have been steadily on the rise. Many of these accidents involve the placement of the television set – in fact, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission,  between 2011 and 2013 41 percent of emergency-treated injuries from tip-over furniture accidents were caused by televisions.

Many of those injured are children – they climb furniture to grab something, such as a toy just out of reach. What children don’t understand is sometimes furniture isn’t as stable as it looks, and it can easily tip over. Sometimes the furniture has not been manufactured correctly and could easily tip over at the slightest change in weight.

We want everyone out there to be safe this summer. And in continuing effort to keep your summer injury free,  the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone would like to offer some safety tips on avoiding tip-over furniture accidents:

  • Make sure you use sturdy furniture to place your TV on. In fact, TVs should only be placed on furniture designed to hold them, such as media centers.
  • If you haven’t mounted your TV to the wall, consider anchoring it to the wall.
  • You can purchase anti-tip brackets to prevent top-heavy furniture from falling. In fact, new furniture might come with such devices.
  • Try to remove tempting objects such as toys and remote controls, for high places so kids won’t try to climb.
  • Keep heavier objects on lower shelves and drawers.

If you or your child is injured after a tip-over furniture accident caused by faulty product, you’re going to need legal help.Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.



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