What to Do if You are Injured by a Defective Product

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defective products anthony carboneMany Americans see the days after Thanksgiving as the time to buy items rarely purchased during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, the on surge in consumer sales can sometimes equate to defective products purchases.  What happens if you or a loved are injured because of improper product design?  What if the manufacturer failed to give adequate warnings concerning the use of a product?  Can a company’s mistake potentially change a life?

Tis the Season

More than likely you have experienced the lines at the toy store as everyone scurries to get the best gift.  Few will check the safety statistics.  In fact, many do not know where to research to ensure that a toy has not made it to the recall list.  (It is not enough to assume that retailers pull off dangerous items from the shelves.)

The United States Consumer Safety Products Division is an excellent resource for those looking to check on the safety of prospective gifts.  Their lists are not just limited to items designated for children.  Here, you can find information on recalls and safety recommendations.

Some Examples of Gifts Gone Bad

Most of us are aware that some products can be hazardous.  For example, earlier this year we wrote about issues with newer model Volkswagens causing people to become sick.   Some might think of cars as more than a mode of transportation, but also a big person’s toy.

Children are obviously among the most vulnerable members of our society and it is important that we protect them. However, there have been instances of toys that have actually harmed little people.  Last year around this time of year, news reports indicated that toy-related injuries occurred every three minutes.  Of course, not all of them were related to defective products.

The top of the list for toy-related injuries are scooter injuries, followed by choking accidents.  Something as simple as a child’s xylophone has caused significant injuries.  Of course, it is up to an adult to the monitor a child during play.  Notwithstanding, it is crucial that parents are aware of the harm products can cause to their young ones.

What Can You Do?

If you have doubts about a product, do some research prior to purchasing it.  Some of the fancier toy manufacturers  provide you with registration information.  Take advantage of the opportunity to appear in their customer database.  If the manufacturer recognizes an issue and puts out a recall, you will be notified.  Pay attention to use directions and safety precautions.  They are there for a reason.

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