What you should do after a hit and run car accident

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car-accident-lawyer-anthony-carboneThe car seemed to come out of nowhere. Suddenly, there is a big thud and your vehicle is pivoted into the next lane. Your airbag goes off, and you feel pain throughout your body. It all seems so surreal, especially when you see the car that hit you race away from the accident scene. You are suddenly a victim. You need some tips about hit and run car accidents.

After an accident, the law expects that both drivers will stop at the scene of the accident. Obviously, the first consideration is to see if the incident was severe enough to result in injury or death. Failure to stop after a traffic accident can result in significant penalties. Fines are just one option available to the judge; imprisonment is another. There is also the possibility of license forfeiture for at least one year.

If the accident only resulted in property damage, both drivers are also expected to stay at the scene of the accident. However, according to the law, there are lesser penalties if a driver inadvertently leaves the scene and returns to it.

If you are injured after an accident, keep this in mind:

  • Attempt to ascertain the license plate of the vehicle that hit your car
  • Try to determine the make and model of the offending vehicle
  • Do NOT chase after the other motorist
  • Stay at the accident scene
  • Telephone for police assistance
  • Identify any witnesses to your accident
  • Worry about receiving medical attention FIRST

Individuals who flee the scene of an accident do so for a variety of reasons. Consider the case of a Jersey city woman who was apprehended for a hit and run accident just a couple of weeks ago. News reports indicate that the woman’s accident was witnessed by a Hudson County undersheriff, who subsequently chased after her. She may have fled the accident because she was driving on the suspended list and did not have valid registration.

Of course, there are many other reasons people flee the scene of the accident. Hit and run accidents can be caused by drunk drivers, as well as those commandeering stolen cars. The list goes on.

In many instances, your car insurance includes a provision for Uninsured Motorists claims. If the vehicle owner for the hit and run accident is not identified, you may seek compensation under this part of your policy.

Hit and run accidents add further insult to those injured in automobile accidents. The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been confronted with this issue on many occasions. Please contact us to receive a complimentary legal advice concerning this type of claim.

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