5 Things You Need to Know About DMV Points

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dmv points in new jersey anthony carboneDid you receive a traffic ticket?  Then you may be subject to DMV points.  In case, you’re not sure, DMV is short for the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.  You may be tempted to fill in the back of the summons and plead guilty.  Before you do, read ahead about motor vehicle points.

Karen didn’t realize that she faced the possibility of accruing DMV points when she paid her ticket online.  She drove over the sidewalk because it was an easier route to get to the local fast food establishment.  A police officer stopped Karen and explained to her that it was against the law.  Karen was issued a ticket in violation of NJSA 39:4-71.

Rather than consult with an attorney experienced in traffic law, Karen decided to just pay the ticket.  She didn’t want to pay legal fees or sit in court.  She never expected the consequences.  You too might be surprised at what could happen with paying what seems like a simple ticket.

Traffic Tickets, DMV Points and Other Consequences

We gave you a simple scenario.  It’s understandable why Karen thought it might be smart to just pay the ticket.  However, here’s what everyone needs to know about motor vehicle points.

1. Assignment of Motor Vehicle Points – New Jersey has a very specific point schedule for various offenses.  For example, driving over a sidewalk is considered a two point offense.  Racing on a highway is a more serious matter and is a five point offense. Leaving the scene of an accident where personal injury occurs is an eight point offense.

When you pay a ticket and do not appear in court, you have admitted guilt.  You will be assigned points according to the point schedule cited above.

2. DMV Points Accrue and Can Cost You Your License – The accrual of motor vehicle points is important to retention of your driver’s license.  If you manage to accumulate twelve or more points, your license will be suspended.

3. You Can Have Points Taken Off Your License – If a driver is able to go an entire year without a moving violation or points, three points will be reduced from their license.

4. Some Traffic Tickets Can be Reduced to No Point Violations – Unfortunately, this type of scenario cannot be managed without a court appearance.  In the foregoing situation, Karen’s attorney might have been explained the reason that Karen travelled on the sidewalk.  The prosecutor might have agreed to reduce the charges to one that did not carry DMV points.

5. DMV Points Can Impact Insurance Premiums – Automobile insurance companies use insurance points to rate prospective clients.  If they notice that an applicant has any DMV points, they assign insurance points.  Increased insurance points represents higher insurance premiums.  Some auto carriers will even drop clients for DMV points.

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