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All it takes is a nosy neighbor or an angry ex-spouse. One call to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families’ Division of Child Protection and Permanency can result in county workers removing your children from your home or cutting off visitation rights. If the accusation sticks, you can permanently lose the rights to your children.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone can help you survive this scary legal process and fight the accusations to get your kids back. Our experienced family attorney handles DCPP child abuse and child neglect cases throughout New Jersey.

Fighting for Your Rights and the Truth
DCPP has the power to take away your children on the hearsay of others: a teacher, a doctor, an ex-spouse, a neighbor. Any hint of abuse or neglect can lead to removal.

There is nothing you can do until the Order to Show Cause hearing. This is your chance to respond to the accusations. Our experienced and compassionate New Jersey family attorney Anthony Carbone has fought and won many of these cases. He aggressively challenges the basis for the DCPP complaint to convince the court that:

  • The other parent made up the allegations as part of ongoing acrimony following a bitter divorce or as a way to alter child custody or child support arrangements decided by the court.
  • The informant had no credible evidence.
  • The allegations don’t meet the definition of abuse or neglect.
  • Removal is not in the child’s best interest

Here are some examples of how Mr. Carbone can help you:

  • A foster mother forgot her 2-year-old in a minivan for 30 minutes. DCPP took away not only her toddler but all her foster children. Mr. Carbone won her case at trial and prevailed again on appeal.
  • Another client’s child was removed by DCPP after a grandmother reported that she saw the woman drink beer with another man and drive off in a car. Mr. Carbone got the complaint dismissed and the child returned – DCPP could not produce evidence that his client was intoxicated or even that she had consumed alcohol at all.

Your Children Belong at Home, With You!

DCPP workers have a lot of power. And they sometimes lie to cover up for their flimsy investigations. But our experienced family attorney Anthony Carbone holds them accountable and fights for your rights.

Our child custody attorney in New Jersey handles cases involving DCPP, custody, and visitation. For your DCPP representation in New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today to set up a free consultation. Our office, located near the Journal Square PATH station, is easily accessible by bus or train. We take evening and weekend appointments, and have Spanish speakers on staff.

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