How helpful are dash cams during a car accident?

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dash-cams-car-accidentYou may have heard about dash cams before. They are small cameras that you place on your dashboard and record while you drive. The purpose of these cameras is to protect you in case you get into an accident. But how useful can they be?

In the case of an Edison driver, it was life-saving. Recently, while driving on the Newark Bay extension of the New Jersey Turnpike, the driver had seen two traffic cones set up on the highway. When the driver slowed, a man approaches his car. Instead of stopping, the driver drove away and called the police. The whole incident was captured on his dash cam, which he says records every time he drives.

Although such a frightening incident may never happen to you, the fact that a dash cam can record your drive can be helpful to you when you get into a car accident. As we’ve mentioned before, evidence is extremely important in proving fault after any type of accident. The more evidence you have, the more likely you will win your case.

But remember, the dash cam can have drawbacks. The camera records every action you do while driving. That means if you commit a driving infraction, such as running a red light, it will be recorded on the dash cam, which will be used against you.

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