Live in Jersey City? Expect to Get Into a Car Accident

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car accident in jersey city law offices of anthony carboneIt seems like any time we turn on the news, there’s another car accident in Jersey City. Traffic gets clogged up and just driving 20 minutes away can take up to an hour. What is up with the accidents?

A recent report released by the New Jersey Transportation Department has shed some light on the issue. Analyzing traffic crash data from 2015 through 2017 has revealed that Hudson County leads the state in having the most roadway collisions per mile. That’s pretty impressive, considering Hudson County is the smallest county in the state!

It is also one of the most densely populated counties in not only the state but in the United States, which may be the cause for all the accidents. With a population of 16,700 per square mile, there are 37.4 crashes per square mile each year in Jersey City. Most of these crashes result in an injury — however, there are 8.8 fatalities per mile each year in our city. So if you haven’t gotten into an auto accident yet in Jersey City, you will soon.

Preparing for a Car Accident: Know Your Insurance!

Live in Jersey City? Expect to Get Into a Car Accident | the Law Offices of Anthony CarboneAlways prepare for the unexpected and preparing for a car accident is no exception. The most important and painful parts of an auto accident in New Jersey is dealing with the insurance company. Since New Jersey is a no-fault state, your insurance will be the one paying for any injuries and property damage.

But it’s not that simple. In this blog, we have mentioned how the insurance company is reluctant to pay for your accidents. They will try any tactic possible to deny your claim. That’s why it’s best to discuss with an experienced auto accident attorney to help discuss you get your options and learn what your next steps should be.

  • For more information on the tactics insurance companies use to deny your claim, click here.

Can I Sue the Other Driver?

Live in Jersey City? Expect to Get Into a Car Accident | the Law Offices of Anthony CarboneWell, that all depends on your policy. If you have a Basic Policy, you will automatically have the Limited Right to Sue option. This means you agree not to sue the person who caused the accident unless the injury is severe enough, such as a loss of a body part, a permanent injury, or a death that occurred.

However, if you have a Standard Policy, you can choose between Limited and Unlimited Right to Sue. Although it’s the more expensive option, Unlimited Right to Sue allows you to sue the other driver for any injury you received.

But remember, these options only cover lawsuits for “pain and suffering” and non-economic damages. You cannot sue for economic damages or for medical expenses — these expenses will be paid for by your Personal Injury Protection insurance.

Did You Get Into a Car Accident in Jersey City?

Live in Jersey City? Expect to Get Into a Car Accident | the Law Offices of Anthony CarboneA car accident can be extremely traumatic. You could suffer an injury, deal with property damage, or could possibly lose someone you love. But you don’t have to face the insurance companies alone.

For 30 years, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have been helping clients throughout New Jersey with their car accident claims. He will aggressively fight on your behalf to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. He is ready to take on your claim and make sure you are successful.

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