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The Borough of Oradell, New Jersey, was originally formed in 1894 as Delford. It changed its name by referendum in 1920 and gets its name from “ora,” which is Latin for “edge,” and “dell.” New Jersey Monthly had ranked the borough as the 68th best place to live in the state in 2010, also making it the seventh best place to live in Bergen County. Oradell was once home to the Riverdell Hospital, famously known as the site of the alleged killings in the “Dr. X” murder trial of Mario Jascalevich in 1981. It was torn down in 1984.

For more than 35 years, Oradell, NJ lawyer Anthony Carbone has been fighting for the rights of the people in Oradell, NJ. Our award-winning, Oradell, NJ lawyer has a proven track record of wins and a strong knowledge of New Jersey law. If you need a lawyer for your personal injury, criminal defense, or family law case in Oradell, New Jersey, then you came to the right place. A sample of the cases we handle include:

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